Tree Disease Evaluation

Following an initial consultation, our Certified Arborist can write a tree health evaluation and management plan for you upon request. It’s important to understand that proper tree care is a life long process and that caring for your trees is a long-term commitment.

Certified Arborist

WC Tree Service’s Certified Arborist can assess all of the trees on your property and prescribe an appropriate health plan accordingly. The type and frequency of tree care depends on a variety of factors, including the species of tree, its age, location, and the climate. The Arborist will consider the health of each individual tree as well as how each tree functions together as part of your entire landscape. Sometimes, the roots from neighboring trees will converge together, boosting each other’s moisture and nutrient intake, for example. Following a complete evaluation, the Arborist can recommend a management plan, including a watering schedule, regular pruning, and prescription fertilization.

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