How to Trim a Palm Tree

Pruning is often a term which is frequently used for trimming both trees, bushes and shrubs. When it comes to ‘Palm Trees’ the proper term is the ‘Trimming Palm Trees’. Where this change came from in our modern day lexicon is open to debate.

Trimming a palm tree can be both easy for newly planted palms, to being extremely difficult depending on the size, shape, and variety of palm tree. One of the most dangerous aspects of pruning a palm actually is from the bottom of the tree itself. Many people will cut themselves on the old leaf which was cut off years ago. We highly recommend cleaning the base of a palm prior to using equipment to access the higher portions of the tree itself. 

When to Prune Palm Trees

If the leaves (fronds) are discolored and are either yellow or brown, it is time to cut (prune) them off of the tree. If the petioles are loose and easily come off with your hand, then pull them off. If you find that they do not come off easily by hand, just let them be.

You should always keep your Palm pruning to a minimum as excessive pruning can actually do more harm than good for a Palm Tree. Pruning should not be done more than once a year because it can actually inhibit it’s growth if you prune off too many of both the older an younger fronds. This is due to the nutrient deficiency and production of chlorophyl which is vital to the overall health of the palm tree.

Caring for a palm tree is essential for it’s overall condition, health, and beauty. Just be careful and always consult a licensed arborist here at WC Tree Service if you have any questions regarding the care of your palm.



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