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Temecula is a wonderful city located in the Riverside County area of California. According to the most recent census data, the city has approximately 107,000 people. It is close to San Diego and the and the Inland Empire area. The major school district in the area is the Temecula Valley Unified school District. It features some public and private schools, including Great Oak high school and Temecula Valley High. The climate is considered Mediterranean in that it features hot summers, particularly in August and reasonably cold winters in December. According to census data, Temecula is about 70 percent white and approximately 25 percent Hispanic or Latino. There are some neighborhoods in the area that tie into the prominent business climate in Temecula, which is thriving. This is considered a very affluent area of California, due in large part to the booming tourism industry. People travel from all over to take part in things like film festivals and wine clubs. There are some outdoor opportunities that people also take part in when they visit Temecula. Some of the largest employers include Costco, Macy’s, the school district, a hospital supply company and a medical lab. This is a very educated area that features people of many different walks of life. Because of this, the population remains steady as the economy continues to thrive. Now that you have gotten a feel for this city, you will be in a better position to understand what you are getting if you are considering a visit, a vacation or if you would like to move to this area.  

WC Tree Service: Corona, CA (951) 339-1260

Corona, California began during the Southern California citrus boom in the 1880s and was initially chosen as the location for a citrus farming town due to its advantageous position towards the upper reaches of the Santa Ana River Canyon, and its passage through the nearby Santa Ana Mountains. Between the easy access to water, rich soil good for growing citrus products, Mediterranean climate and temperatures and passage through the mountains enabling the resulting products to be easily transported to national and global markets, Corona soon became known as the lemon capital of the world. Because lemons were, at the time, an extremely valuable product needed to transoceanic shipping among other important uses, the wealth of the town swiftly boomed. There are some neighborhoods in Corona contained inside of a little under 39 square miles with over 150 thousand inhabitants. The neighborhoods of North Corona, Downtown, Temescal Valley, Central Corona, El Cerrito, South Corona, Dos Lagos, Corona and Eagle Glen form the bulk of Corona’s city limits. Many of these neighborhoods are popular among Hollywood celebrities thanks to the many upscale neighborhoods that afford them a relatively high amount of privacy compared to the environs of Hollywood in Los Angeles. Indeed, some ordinary people have also in recent years found that the area has reasonable real estate prices whiles still being close to Los Angeles, and many now consider Corona a suburb of Los Angeles. The industries of Corona are somewhat surprising. Monster Beverage, makers of the various Monster Energy drinks, are headquartered in Corona. Saleen, a race car manufacturer, operating at the highest ranks of high-performance sports cars also operates out of Corona, as does Lucas Oil Products, a manufacturer of automotive additive products. Watson Pharmaceutical, owned by Active, is the largest private employer in the region.  

WC Tree Service: Lake Elsinore, CA 1-888-928-7337

Lake Elsinore, California begins with the Payomkawichum, a First Nations ethnic group that live along the lake for some centuries before contact with Spanish explorers in the 16th century. The nation ranged from the southern end of modern day Los Angeles County to the northern half of modern San Diego County, stretching inland for some 30 miles. When the Spanish arrived, the European colonists established territories of their own, leading to the modern day state of California in the area. The lake has been the lifeblood of the agricultural apparatus of the region for some centuries, and the area has been through boom and bust cycles based on the lake’s height and the water in can provide. The city of Lake Elsinore is divided into eleven different districts, each of which has its geography, history and culture that make for a surprisingly diverse whole when taken together. These neighborhoods include Alberhill, the Business District, East Lake, Lake Edge, Lake View, the Riverview district, Ballpark, Country Club Heights, Historic Lake Elsinore and North Peak. These districts are situated in a semi-arid climate, marked by hot, practically rainless summer seasons, followed by milder, wetter winters, also called a Mediterranean climate. Lake Elsinore is home to one of the earliest outlet shopping centers in the state of California and is to this day, the top employer in the region. Other major private employers in the area include the Trap House, a major clothing label, as well as retail giants Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Target and the Home Depot. Pacific Clay, Stater Brothers, GBC Concrete and Masonry Construction, Medley Communications, Albertsons and Pacific Clay are also major employers, as is the Lake Elsinore Hotel and Casino, and effort by the local government to improve the city’s tourism industry that is still taking shape.  

WC Tree Service: Murrieta, CA 1-888-928-7337

Murrieta, CA situated in Riverside County is positioned 5 miles northwest of Temecula California and is home to approximately 44,282 residents. Murrieta became a popular area when a man from Spain known as Juan Murrieta decided to bring his flock of sheep (over 100,000) into the area. In the year 1882, a railway station was established that connected Murrieta CA to Southern California. From then on the city boomed but experienced a decline when the trains halted in 1935. In the early part of the 1980’s the city began to grow again when the Interstate 15 was constructed through the city. In 1991 the city became incorporated. Murrieta is an area that experiences a Dry-Summer Subtropical or Mediterranean climate. On average, the area experiences about 263 days of sunshine and around 35 days of precipitation in a year. From April through to November the weather is dry and hot and from November to March Murrieta experiences rain. Overall the weather is extremely pleasant making this city an ideal location for families. This city is served by an institution known as the Murrieta Valley Unified School District. The district is comprised of 11 elementary schools, three middle schools, three comprehensive high schools and a single independent-study school. Due to significant growth in the area, there are more schools proposed for the future, which includes elementary, middle and high schools.  

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