Our tree services specialize in residential and commercial tree services. We also respond to natural disasters and wind storms. We work with all major insurance companies to ensure you get the job you desire done in a safe and efficient manner. Our services are not limited to tree removal. Our tree service experts serve your every tree service needs. We offer tree care, tree cutting, tree pruning, tree clearing, tree thinning, tree trimmingstump grinding, undergrowth removal and land clearning services.

Tree Removal

Tree removal by cutting down a tree is very dangerous work. Only professional tree removal companies like ours should be consulted. Our tree removal service is local to your area. They know what specific needs trees in your area need to be removed. Using a local tree service is smart. Tree removal by a tree service company is a lot more than having a chain saw and chopping it down by cutting the trunk of the tree until it falls. There is much more to it than that. 

Tree Trimming

There are many reasons to trim your trees. Tree trimming is the act of pruning. Tree experts should be consulted before you start trimming your trees. You have to know about each variety of trees in order to trim them without causing future damage to your tress. There are many methods of tree trimming that you need to know about. Tree pruning is a common term that is used for smaller trees like Maple, Dogwood and fruit bearing trees. 

Tree Pruning

There is more to tree pruning than you can imagine. Pruning your trees is essential in their growth. Tree pruning can be performed on fruit bearing trees and hardwoods. Some of you may choose a certified Arborist to consult. Careful planning of when you perform tree pruning techniques is essential to maintaining healthy trees. Some of the most common tree pruning techniques used today are crown reduction pruning, crown raising, and crown thinning to grow healthy and symmetrically.

West Coast Tree Service serves Orange County CA, and the following areas: Temecula, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Inland Empire, Coto de Caza, El Toro, San Juan Capistrano, South Laguna and San Clemente

Whether you have a small or big tree job, we can handle it. WC Tree Service specializes in residential and commercial projects. We also respond to tree damage that is caused by natural disasters like wind storms. We will help you save your trees and inspect the trees that are leaning. We work with all major insurance companies to ensure you get the job you desire done in a safe and efficient manner. If you have an urgent or tree service emergency that needs immediate attention, please call us today for your free tree service quote.

West Coast Tree Service is not limited to removing trees. Whether you have a problem with a damaged tree or need information on how to ensure you have healthy trees, plant a tree, we are the tree service for you. Our certified arborists and tree service professionals are here to help you.

Our tree service experts serve your every tree service need. We offer tree care, tree cutting, tree pruning, tree clearing, tree thinning, tree trimming, stump grinding, undergrowth removal and land clearing services. As you can see, our job is to ensure you get quality tree services at competitive prices. You are not alone and help with your tree service job is only a click away.

We are Certified Arborists you can trust. WC Tree Service is a customer driven, professional tree management company committed to providing arboricultural services that enhance the beauty, health, safety, and value of your trees. Our mission is to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and our employees.

At WC Tree Service, customer service is of the utmost importance. Our courteous and responsive field team is available for 24 hour emergency service, 7 days a week. We pride ourselves in our safe operating procedures, well-trained, uniformed employees, and top-of-the-line equipment. Not only will our arboricultural team take care of your trees, but we will take care of all your needs as a client. Trust your trees to the experts.

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