Tree Removal

Tree Removal can be either the removing of a tree to another location or removing the tree by cutting it down.  Either way, the intention of tree removal is to remove the tree from your property.   Consulting a tree service professional is the first thing you should do when considering removing a tree.

Hiring an ISA, certified arborist

Hiring an ISA Certified Arborist is recommended when planning to remove a tree by transplanting.   Careful planning by the tree’s removal will reduce the stress on the tree and help the tree to survive after being re-planted.  Moving a tree to another location is stressful on the tree.   The root ball as mentioned in the tree planting section is very delicate.   It can suffer from shock when its feeder roots are cut.   Look at the root ball like a human body.   Your heart is the root-ball and your arms and legs are your roots.  You can imagine the trauma you would feel if your limbs were removed suddenly.  You would go into shock.   You most likely live, but your heart would not know what to do with all of the excess blood it used to use to feed your limbs.  The same thing happens when you try to trim a tree or remove an established tree.  Its roots are growing out and away from the trees root ball.  Severing the root system close to the root ball can kill the tree.  That is the reason you need to hire a professional to help you with the removal and relocation of the tree.

Tree removal by cutting down the tree is very dangerous work and does not cost as much money as you may think.  Only professional tree removal companies like ours, should be consulted.  Our tree removal companies are nationwide and are local to your area.  They know what specific needs trees in your area need to be removed.  Using a local tree service is smart.

Hiring one of our professional tree services

Hiring one of our professional tree services to completely remove your trees will save you money in the long run.  They remove trees every day for their living.  They are fast and efficient workers.  They have all of the proper tools and equipment to safely handle the job.  Our tree services can quickly get into your yard and business property and remove any tree quickly and efficiently.  No matter if you need your trees pruned or have your damaged trees removed, we have you covered.

Tree removal by a tree service company

Tree removal by a tree service company is a lot more than having a chain saw and whacking it down by cutting the trunk of the tree until it falls.   There is much more to it than that.   You should never use your own chainsaw to remove a tree that is close to utility lines or personal property like your home or business.   There are potential hazards that you may have overlooked.  Some trees simply cannot be dropped where they stand.  There are many instances where they have to be taken down by a person in a bucket truck or cherry picker.  There are times when the tree is large and we have to use a crane to tie to the top while cutting to keep from damaging surrounding areas.  More often than not, we have to cut down trees piece by piece and limb by limb.  That is the only way to do it properly and safely.

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