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Our tree care includes a range of services which comprise of land clearing, undergrowth removal, tree care, tree thinning, tree clearing, tree pruning, tree cutting, stump removal plus round the clock Emergency Response Service after wind, rain or storm disasters.

Providing Comprehensive Tree Care

Stump Removal & Palm Tree Trimming

WC Tree Service has certified Arborists you can trust.

WC Tree Service arborists are certified and offer credible Tree Care Services. WC Tree Service Company is competent, customer focused and dedicates its efforts in providing outstanding tree management services for improvement of your trees’ aesthetics, worth, health and safety in Temecula, California.

Who we are

Accredited, Licensed, and Insured

We pride ourselves in our safe operating procedures

Safety is one of our greatest achievements and a key aspect observed in our work. We also have highly skilled uniformed staff and an inventory of state-of-the-art equipment. Our emergency team is on call 24/7. Dial a budget-friendly tree care professional for quick service.

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Our professional arborists use modern equipment to provide excellent service for all your landscaping and tree care needs.


Industry-Leading Tree Care

WC Tree Service has full accreditation by the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture). We treasure our clients’ property which makes us stay in the lead when it comes to tree management. Most of our customers are satisfied with our services from the testimonials we get.
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Precise Tree Pruning

We understand the importance of tree beauty in your property. Our skillful tree trimming will not only improve the look of your trees but will also maintain their health and prevent hazards associated with unkempt trees. Consider our precise tree trimming services that are also tailored to meet your budget.

Comprehensive Tree Removal

Palm tree management requires a specialist and its removal requires a credible and experienced tree service to meet your needs.

The Crew In Action

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Don’t take our word for it – Here’s what our customers had to say:

So Glad I Found Them!

There’s more to tree removal than I thought… So glad I found Jeff from WC Tree Service to take care of a dead tree on my property. Happy with the service & wouldn’t trust another company to do this in Corona.

Monique Schmalz
Customer, Reviewed on Google+

Very satisfied with WC Tree Service!

We had a massive, 50 ft tree that was causing all sorts of problems for us and WC Tree Service came out and took care of everything. So glad we found a reliable, professional tree removal company in Temecula!

Richard Chavez
Customer, Reviewed on Google+

Attentive, Professional and Very Knowledgeable

I really care about my trees and wanted to find someone who had mutual care and respect for them as I do—luckily found Jeff from WC Tree Service. He was attentive, professional and very knowledgeable. I also wanted someone that was local in Temecula. I’ve got my tree guy!

Robert Prank, Reviewed on Google+

Great Guys!

Great guys! Very nice, reasonably priced and were done in no time! I will definately use them again in the future!

Jennifer Pyles
Customer, Reviewed on Google+

Friendly and Professional Crew!

Was very impressed with WC Tree Service. They gave me the best quote and over-delivered on the job. They were professional and quick. Great and professional crew too.

Sean Shaw
Customer, Reviewed on Google+

Easily The Best Price

Needed a professional but affordable tree removal service in Murrieta where I live, and was worried I wouldn’t find anyone. So glad that I found WC Tree Service. I got me a fast quote and easily the best price after shopping around.

Alex Adams
Customer, Reviews on Google+


Here’s Why You Should Choose WC Tree Service

Prompt and Professional

We offer excellence customer service. You can dial us to get a quote or visit our onsite offices. You will be attended by representatives from our emergency team. After submitting your issue, our competent staff will evaluate the time needed for your job and give you an affordable quote.

There When You Need Us

WC Tree Service operates from Monday to Friday and our official hours are from 8.00am-5.00pm. Inclusive of that, we also have 24/7 emergency response services. You are just a dial away anytime you have tree damage caused by disasters like rain, strong winds or storms.

Fully Insured, Bonded and Accredited

WC Tree Service is accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association and the International Society of Arboriculture. This testifies our expertise in tree care. Our crew has right certification and is highly trained in comprehensive tree care from health, treatment and maintenance of various tree species. Our tree professionals will also give you useful information concerning the management of your trees to ensure that they stay healthy always.

WC Tree Service are experts in residential and commercial tree management

Safety is our number one priority when giving emergency service for tree damage caused by wind and natural calamities. We involve several insurance companies in our undertakings to ensure that your job is done safely and in a timely manner. We not only specialize in tree removal. Our tree service package includes undergrowth removal, tree care, tree pruning, tree clearing, tree trimming, tree cutting, stump grinding and landscaping services. We offer emergency response service for any tree damage caused by natural disasters. Tree and property safety matters to us. We carry out a thorough inspection of any hazardous trees in your property and offer tree care service to maintain the good health of those in good shape. In most cases, we partner with leading insurance companies to enhance safety and efficiency in our procedures.

Tree Removal

We are your reliable tree service experts in your area. Our arborists are much knowledgeable about the kind of tree species that grow in your area and have expert skills in extracting them. We service different areas in Southern California such as Temecula, Murrietta, Lake Elsinore, Corona, Laguna Beach and San Juan Capistrano among others. Extracting a tree by cutting it can be very risky and is just not about use of a chainsaw to work on the trunk until you bring it down. Contact reputable tree removal service providers like WC Tree Service first before you get rid of any tree in your property. Our services are very safe and very professional.
Location: WC Tree Service 41188 Essex Ct, Temecula, CA 92591 (951) 667-3690 Proudly Accredited by the International Society of Arboriculture, Tree Care Industry Association and the California Contractors State License Board

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming or pruning is routine care carried on trees to ensure their health and beauty and also prevent hazards posed by unkempt trees. Trimming of smaller tree varieties like fruit trees, Dogwood, Sycamore, Maple and Palm is commonly known as tree pruning. Professional consultation is still important when trimming or pruning trees. These routine services need expert care as mistakes can permanently damage your trees. Though pruning and trimming techniques are many, our certified arboriculture experts can help you learn some simple ones.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is one routine care that should be given to hardwoods and fruit bearing trees for them to thrive well. Before carrying out this routine care on your trees, seek advice from a certified arborist to prevent causing permanent harm to your trees. For vibrant trees, precise arrangement of when and which the pruning methods will be used is important. Currently, the most used pruning methods used by property owners include crown raising, crown thinning and crown reduction pruning all aimed at growing healthy and balanced trees. Call us now for help on maintenance of your fruit-bearing trees!

Whether you have a tree that needs service or a large commercial site that requires routine care, we can are there for you.

certified arborists

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