Tree Trimming

There are many reasons to trim your trees.  Tree trimming is the act of pruning.   Tree experts should be consulted before you start wanting to trim your trees.  You have to know about each variety of trees in order to trim them without causing future damage to trees.

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Commercial Tree Trimming in Temecula, CA

Timing of tree trimming

Tree trimming is done during a time of the year when the trees are not blooming or producing fruit.  That is mostly during the fall and winter months.  Some people wait too long in the spring before deciding to trim their trees and this can cause the tree to be vulnerable to disease and insect infestation. There are many people out there who are not tree service professionals.  They have a chain saw and will make a cut on a tree without knowing what they are doing.  You should always consult a tree removal expert, a certified arborist or read about tree trimming before attempting to do it yourself.  There are hundreds of people each year who are injured by trying to trim their own trees.  A common injury is caused when people place a ladder against the tree and cut a limb, not thinking about it falling in a sweeping motion and knocking the ladder out from under them.  This will lead to a nasty fall.   Most people who try and trim their own trees do not know how much the limb weighs and the limb can fall on them.   Trimming your own trees is dangerous business.  It can also lead to disease and bug infestation of your trees if improperly done.

There are many methods of tree trimming

that you need to know about.  Tree pruning is a common term that is used for smaller trees like Maple, Dogwood and fruit bearing trees.  Tree topping is often used by power company contractors in residential neighborhoods to keep the tops of the trees from growing into and over the utility lines.  
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Commercial Tree Trimming in Temecula and Corona, CA

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