Tree Crown Reduction

Tree Crown Reduction is a form of pruning that is beneficial to having a healthy tree.  Depending on where you live in the country, it may be called crown thinning.  Most of the reasons we reduce the crowns of trees, is to help the tree stabilize and mature with healthy limbs.  This is also great for the trees appearance and structure.  Crown reduction is not complete tree removal.

Spring tree trimming

Each spring, every tree buds new limbs.  These smaller limbs, if left un-pruned, can cause irregular growth and make the tree look asymmetrical.  We are not going to go into all of the details of how trees grow.   We are going to tell you what crown reduction is and how it works.

Most of the crown reduction is performed on hardwoods.  Consult our arborist to help you decide how to make your trees more healthy, vibrant and disease free.  Remember, the whole purpose of crown reduction is to help your trees grow properly and be strong for many years to come and avoid having damaged trees later.

The benefit of trimming and removing preselected limbs is, it allows sunlight to penetrate the entire tree while allowing the breezes to move through the limbs without harm.  Having good airflow may help reduce the exterior moisture content growing on the bark, which can lead to disease.

Some property owners do what we call as crown raising.  Crown raising is the act of removing limbs from the lower half of the tree.  It is the removal of low hanging limbs or limbs that grow downward on the lower limbs.   Raising the crown of the tree is used to provide clearance so you may walk underneath without limbs hitting you in the face and or so automobiles can pass safely underneath without getting scratched by the low hanging limbs of the trees.

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